Environmentally conscious brush abatement
providing fire breaks and defensible space


Worked under the supervision of:
Federal Fish and Wildlife
State Fish and Game
Bureau of Land Management
Dept. of Forestry
San Diego Water Authority
County of San Diego M.S.C.P.Division
CRA/LA Los Angles
City of San Diego Dept. of Open Space
City of Chula Vista Dept. of Open Space
Glendale Indigenous Tree Dept.
Heartland Fire District
Fire Safe Council of San Diego
Rancho Santa Fe Fire Dept.
San Miguel Fire Dept.
Alpine Fire Dept.
Glendale Fire Dept.
Chula Vista Fire Dept.
Lemon Grove Fire Dept.
San Diego Fire Dept.
La Mesa Fire Dept.
El Cajon Fire Dept.

Client List:
Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angles
City of San Diego-Open space Division
City of Lemon Grove
San Diego County Water authority Lake side & Olivenhain Dam
Crest Fire Safe Council
Scripps Fire Safe council
Benchmark Landscaping
Glendale Community College
Angles Flight Railway Los Angles
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
Elks Lodge Chula Vista
Golwix- Freeway Abatement Properties
Price, Troncone & Associates Mt. Miquel Transmitter towers
American International Enterprises
Sullivan Solar Power @ San Diego State
Sullivan Solar Power @ Miramar Air Base
Mc Cune Christler Plymoth- Auto Parkway
5 Scripps ranch H.O.A 's
Crown hills H.O.A
Pepper wood Mobile Home Park
San Pasqual H.O.A
Fairbanks ranch H.O.A.

San Diego's own brush control experts since 1999. Serving all of Southern California!


Expert brush control, fire breaks and land clearing. A simple and convenient way to clear brush and
implement preventative measures to control fire outbreaks.

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