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Prevention has taken all forms. From heavy plains machinery to dangerous herbicides that not only kill plants, but also mutilates the land. From the coast, to the mountains, to the deserts Government agencies are looking for healthy alternatives that will stimulate and promote a healthy environment.

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Brush Abatement: Goats Available

San Diego, California - More and more, brush and weed control is becoming a major concern with Federal Management Agencies and public utilities across the nation. With the driest conditions we've had in 40 years the old methods of fire prevention such as plant poison, heavy machinery and millions of dollars spent on man power, the situation demands a more viable alternative.

So what can be a more natural alternative than placing a large herd of hungry animals in a field and letting them graze on the brush and weeds straight down to the earth?

No toxic chemicals, no pollution to the environment, no loud noise only the soft bleating of a herd of goats in the distance.

This picture may remind you of an old Renoir painting, but it's actually a herd of goats leveling the dry brush.

In a matter of several days these animals can take a heavily brush and weed area and turn it into a highly fertile clearing readied for the construction of a golf course or park.

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Expert brush control, fire breaks and land clearing. A simple and convenient way to clear brush and
implement preventative measures to control fire outbreaks.

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