Environmentally conscious brush abatement
providing fire breaks and defensible space

Why Goats:

Goats Are Versatile:
Goats can be used effectively in almost any location or terrain type, especially in terrain too rocky or steep for human or machine clearing. Goat cleared areas are more fire resistant, and significantly more attractive appearances result.

Goats Are Cost Effective:
Goats are one of the most cost effective brush and weed abatement resources per contracted area.

Goats Are Environmentally Safe:
Goats are an environmentally friendly method for clearing areas containing endangered or sensitive vegetation and animal life. Thinning by goats is a natural method resulting in a naturally balanced environment over the long term. Erosion from over-stripped recently cleared land is eliminated safely and effectively.


Less Noise:

Goats are far less intrusive than mechanical clearing tools. Which would you rather hear...? The loud noise of heavy equipment, or the quiet grazing of goats?

Fire Prevention:
Goats are one of the most effective fire prevention tools available. Areas cleared or thinned by goats recover more naturally and resist wildfires giving fire crews the upper-hand and protecting life and property.

Goats do a good job:
In exchange for modest fees, goats will not only clear large areas of wild brush and weed but they will also fertilize and till it too! The animals will be let loose on to the land and (depending on how fast the landowner needs the job done) clear about an acre a day. With our flocks several acres can easily be done at once.

Our goats can easily turn slopes heavy with dry brush into a closely shorn masterpiece that resembles a freshly mowed fairway.


Other ways in which goats are beneficial for brush abatement:

  • Goats aid in weed reduction.
  • They help to retard and prevent fires.
  • Goats are very useful in erosion control.
  • Steep & irregular locations are no problem for goats.
  • They will work well in water challenged areas such as dry canyons, deserts, & flood plains.
  • Goats will recede& balance regrowth.
  • As goats work through vegetation, they leave behind nutrients for healthier soil.
  • Goats will consume & recycle vegetation, eliminating the need for trucks or heavy machinery.
  • They eliminate methane produced by compost piles.
  • Goats also eliminate the need for hauling and dump fees.
  • Goats are versatile, think of them as tools. They work well in inclement weather & difficult environments.
  • Goats are pleasing to observe. They are enjoyable to the public eye and soothing to the ear.
  • Goats create jobs in a new and diverse way.

Preparing your land for brush abatement:

  1. Address Your Topography - Topography is "your" surrounding terrain & landscape.
  2. Zoning Ordinances - Look into your zoning ordinances. What are the specific regulations for your area?
  3. How To Troubleshoot - Time is well spent looking into a comprehensive landscape plan. Address this plan with this in mind. Fire retardent plants & trees, ground cover, irrigation system, keep buildings away from steep uphill sides of over vegetated areas. Maintain this area by defuelling this area. This is usually done by defolliating the area and manipulating a fairly thinned out landscape.

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